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Submission period

  Friday, 9 September - Monday, 31 October 2016
Deadline of abstract submission has been extended to November 7


  Submission for poster session is limited to one per lead author. Also, the author is required to be a qualified member of the Physiological Society of Japan (PSJ) and with membership fee paid in full, as of the time of registration and at presentation at the Annual Meeting. (Please refer to "Regulations on Members and Councilors" in PSJ.) However, this shall not apply to speakers at the symposia, participants from overseas organizations and co-authors of poster sessions. Therefore, if you are a researcher living in Japan and wish to register as the lead author of a poster session but are not a member of the Society, please register to join the Society. (This restriction on the lead author is not applied to the participants from overseas organizations.)
Please also note that the Society offers, in addition to full membership, extraordinary membership restricted to giving presentations at the Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan and its regional meetings. For further information on becoming a member, please check the top page of the PSJ web site > About us > Membership. Inquiries on membership in the Physiological Society of Japan are accepted at the office below:
  Secretariat of the Physiological Society of Japan
    c/o International Medical Information Center,
5th floor, Shinanomachi Rengakan
35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016
TEL: 03-5361-7277 FAX: 03-5361-7091 E-mail:
  A person scheduled to speak at a symposium is allowed to be the lead author for one poster session only.

Presentation format

  Poster session is in the form of poster presentation only.
  Submitted abstracts will be screened by the Program Committee.
  Qualifying applicants will be notified of the date and time of presentation.
  The official language for presentations, including lectures, symposia and poster presentations, is English.
  The poster produced must include the title, the name of the author and the author's institution
  The poster must fit the poster frame size of 2100mm (height) x 900mm (width). Further details will be provided on a later date on the Annual Meeting website and program.

How to register (please read without fail)

Applicants for poster session and speakers in the Society-organized and open symposia are required to submit the presentation/abstract in English with the UMIN Online System described below.
  The submission period is from Friday, September 9 to Monday, October 31, 2016.
 Deadline for poster session submission: Monday, October 31, 2016
 Deadline for symposium submission: Monday, October 31, 2016
  Lead authors of poster sessions and members to speak at the symposia are required to complete registration for participation in the Annual Meeting before submitting their abstracts.
  Advance registration for participation is not required for symposium speakers who are not Society members. However, such persons will be notified separately of the procedure to register their abstracts on the UMIN System described below.
  Please register as designated. Please also note that registration or revision after the deadline date will not be accepted.

Important notes on the UMIN System

  1.Recommended browsers and versions
  Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome is required for abstract submission on the UMIN online registration system.
  Be sure not to use other browsers.
  The accepted version for Safari is version 2.0.3 (417.9.2) or later.
  2.PSJ membership ID code is required for abstract submission.
  The ID code is the number found at the bottom right corner of the mailing label for the Society journal.
  Please enter 999999 if you are an overseas participant or presently in the process of completing membership registration.
  Please enter 000000 if you are a non-member scheduled to be a speaker at a symposium.
  3.Please enter the names of the speaker, co-speakers and their institutions in English.
  4.Choose the presentation format from the list shown on the registration screen.
  If you are assigned to speak at a symposium, choose "Symposium" and then the appropriate theme from Symposium Theme
  If you are not already assigned as a speaker but wish to speak at a symposium with speaker quota open to applicants, choose "Poster presentation."
  5.For the poster session presenter, there is the option of choosing to make a presentation as speaker at a symposium.
  If you wished to make a presentation at a symposium open to applicants, choose the appropriate category from the list of "Symposia that may accept new speakers" Further details on symposia with open quota can be found from the link set up beside the list. Please note that symposia not found on the list do not have quota for application. It also must be noted that the application may be rejected at the discretion of the organizers.
  If you have leading works related to your presentation that has already been published in English, you are able to enter information on the published work or works (name of author, title, name of journal, volume number, page number and year of publication).
  6.Please enter the title of the presentation in English.
  The maximum number of characters for the presentation title in English is limited by the total number of characters in the abstract.
  7.The abstract must be entered in English only.
  The total number of characters for the abstract is limited to 1800 halfwidth characters (including space), including the name of the author, the author's institution, presentation title and text, as well as any report on conflict of interest. Registration is not possible if the number exceeds this limit.
  We recommend the preparation of the abstract first with word processing software and copying and pasting the completed abstract into the abstract text space provided on the webpage.
  Use HTML tags for returns, Greek characters, subscripts and superscripts, etc. Further information on input can be found in "Guidelines for entering Title and Abstract."
  8.Please enter keywords in English (3-5 keywords)
  9.Please enter your reply to 3 questions regarding research ethics. All of these are mandatory.
  Please acknowledge that you may receive an inquiry from the Program Committee regarding your response on a later date.
All authors, including both lead authors and co-authors, who have selected "yes" is required to download Conflict of Interest Report Form 2 (for Physiological Society of Japan Annual Meeting/Regional Presentation Meetings) from the PSJ website, fill out the form and email it to the Secretariat (
  10.Registration number and password
  At registration, registration number will be allocated to you automatically. The registrant will be required to set a password at the same time. The registration number and password will be necessary when revising the content of the registered abstract, to confirm receipt or to check screening outcomes. Keep your password recorded without fail, because it will not be reissued.
  Your registration number will be issued automatically when registration is fully completed. The issue of the registration number should be deemed notice of receipt of your application. If your registration number is not shown on the screen, it will mean that your application has not yet been received.
  After online registration of your abstract, please confirm that your registration is complete without fail by entering with your registration number and password.
  11.Revision/modification of registered abstract content
  The content of your registered abstract may be revised as many times as is necessary during the abstract submission period.
  Notice of revision will be sent to your designated email address each time revision is made.
  The content as of the end of the abstract submission period will be used in the program and the abstract book.
  12.Use of encrypted communication
  The use of encrypted communication is recommended as a rule for online registration and revision. Encrypted communication will prevent eavesdropping on your password and unauthorized deletion or tampering of your presentation title or abstract by a third party. For this reason, use of encrypted communication is recommended by the Society. Special preparation is not necessary for this form of communication. Communication control will be taken over by UMIN (University Medical Information Network) servers. And corruption will continue until registration or revision is completed. Please note that encryption will not be possible in some cases (such as problem in facility or provider setting or use of obsolete browser version). In such a case, please contact the Registration Secretariat below.
Please refer to UMIN online registration system
FAQ for further information.

Abstract Submission (new submission, check, revision or deletion)

  When submitting an abstract for the first time, click the "New Submission" button.
  If checking, revising or deleting a registered abstract, click the "Edit Submission" button.
  Revision of abstract is accepted only until the registration deadline.
  Registration of an abstract requires the lead author to register for participation in the event.
  Personal information received for registration will not be used for purposes other than the preparations and administration of the 94th Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan. Also, necessary security measures will be implemented for careful management of the registered personal information.

Abstract Submission System

    Abstract Submission is closed.

Registration Secretariat

  Procom International Co., Ltd.
TFT Bldg., East Wing 9F, 3-6-11 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063 JAPAN
Tel:050-3611-2716 Fax:03-6800-1327