13th Congress of the International Society of Bone Morphometry
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Jack Martin

 "How concepts of bone remodelling influence therapeutic development in osteoporosis"


Robert Recker

“Clinical Management of Osteoporosis: New Options”


Thomas Link

“New imaging techniques in the diagnosis of bone diseases”.


Masaru Ishii  

“Dynamic live imaging of bone: opening a new era with bone histodynametry”


David Ke

“Characteristics of new generation of bone anabolic agents for bone diseases”


Le Duong

“Targeting cathepsin K for the treatment of osteoporosis”


Masako Ito 

“Assessment of bone structure in relation to biomechanical properties”


Ralph Muller  

“ Hierarchical imaging of bone failure”


Yoichi Ezura

“Genetic and molecular bases of osteolytic /osteoporotic disorders”


Matthew Warman 

“Rapid and reproducible ex vivo imaging of mouse articular cartilage using confocal microscopy.”


Naoto Endo 

“AFF, atypical femoral fracture: clinical and histological features”


Jang-Soo Chun 

“Regulation of the catabolic cascade in osteoarthritis by the zinc•ZIP8•MTF1 axis”


Hiroshi Takayanagi 

“Cell communication in osteoimmunology”


Ichiro Sekiya

“Cartilage and meniscus regeneration by synovial stem cells: from bench to clinic”


Norio Amizuka

”Histological aspects on the biological function of osteocytes”


Sarah Dallas

"Investigating the dynamic biology of osteocytes and bone extracellular matrix

assembly using live cell imaging approaches"  


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